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Our free visual creations are designed to help you stay focused on your well-being.

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🌳 Personal Tree

Filled with your own self care moments, a Natrella Tree is the perfect way to express how you take care of you.
It's a great visual reminder of the things you love (and need) to do, for yourself.
Get one, or two, to practice your self care intentionally and with pride.

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Little Moments

Each self care moment is different and important. Capture and celebrate those little moments that make all the difference to your well-being!

Mobile Friendly

Keep your well-being top of mind at all times with Natrella Tree. Perfect for your mobile wallpapers and lock screen.


Keep doing the things that you love to do - just for you! Stay motivated to keep yourself balanced, happy and well taken care of.


Yup! It's free.

Life gets better with
self care moments!

Get a customized Natrella tree filled with YOUR own self care moments.

Inspiring Wallpapers

Light up your phone with a simple yet powerful self care message.
An excellent wallpaper for your mobile phone or actual wall.

Visit our GALLERY OF WALLPAPERS to find a few for yourself.

Interested in creating your own personal wallpaper?
Keep the message under 30 characters (including emojis) and we'll send it your way.

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  • Solitude Is Therapy Natrella Wallpaper

    Solitude Is Therapy

    Day Mode
  • You Are Amazing (Night) Natrella Wallpaper

    You Are Amazing

    Night Mode
  • Take Care of You Natrella Wallpaper

    Take Care of Yourself

    Day Mode
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